Bhakti: Devotion to Love

Bhakti Yoga is the supreme form of yoga, being that it connects, surrounds, and inhabits the realm of Divine Love. We as human creatures are connected to others through our emotions. We may not speak the same language, even understand anything about another person, but we can still feel their heartfelt warmth, and return such a feeling back to them. How much more so does the divine, personified in Radha Krishnu exemplify the type of love that followers should exhibit. As a reference, we who follow the beliefs of the Bhakti look to the Baghavad Gita, and find within its pages expounding upon the tenants of Bhakti yoga. The eternal love connection Radha and her lover Krishnu is our focal point, and it is this holiest of relationships that we strive to develop within our own bodies and hearts.

The modern Bhakti movement today is centered from our guru Kripalu Maharaj, who has dedicated his life to sharing his enlightenment with the world. Hundreds upon hundreds of teachers have come to learn of divine love from the Shree Maharaji, and these teachers in turn have been able to expound upon the meaning of Divine Love in their lives. Kripalu Maharaj reveals his teachings to his acolytes, and through these revelations they are able to better understand the nature of devotion. The Jagadguru has led his life in devotion, and from his shining example acolytes the world over can attempt to connect with the Divine Love that permeates Radha Krishnu.

In order to fill our lives with contemplation of the loving connection between Radha and Krishnu, we must first reorganize our lives. This means rejecting things that are traditionally important to the modern world, including social standing and material wealth. These things and positions are weights that will keep our souls bound to this world, and it is the severing of that binding that is so very essential in our devotions to Radha Krishnu. Set yourself free of your entanglements, and you will be better suited to devote yourself to God. This is the core of Bhakti yoga, the practice of filling your life with the Divine Love.